Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Goodness!

I never check my page views very often.  I am shocked!

Pageviews yesterday  
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
We are approaching one million page views!
Why do people come to my page?  I post links to Facebook and Twitter most times but the people just keep coming.

Why is that?  I am humbled so many of you would take a look at my "retirement" project.  I enjoy writing but I enjoy learning even more.

Since I started today's blog, the page views have increased another 100,000 so we are snowballing now.

I will keep looking for things that may interest you and please keep forwarding me your ideas.  All of you give me the inkling to keep doing what I am doing write now and that is typing for you.

It's all out of my head and what is in my head I have heard somewhere.  I have been sharing other people's ideas and writing this year and not writing my own as much, maybe that's the reason.

I take credit for few ingenious ideas like accidentally leaving radish in the drill and then sowing wheat on top of it.  That worked out well and I am still using it.  I better give God credit since I was too lazy to clean the drill out and forgot about it.

I walked into church yesterday and just looked around for a moment and told God I feel safe in here.  It was a really good feeling.  I need to express those feelings in all of my affairs and you know, sometimes it's really hard to do?

God has taken my blunders and made something beautiful out of them.

Ed Winkle


  1. Nah, it's just Google and Bing search engines and malicious bots visiting your blog... ;)
    Nice figures, Ed!

  2. Some of it is no doubt but I have met more people due to this blog that you can imagine. I had two visitors from Ontario yesterday and my blog helped them find me.