Monday, June 30, 2014

Man Gives Away $1000 A Day

CBS Sunday Morning had a piece on that showed a 39 year old billionaire who is giving $1000 a day away for start up of projects he thinks will help mankind.

"The concept is simple: He and his team make $1,000 grants to individual change-makers who have an idea on how to make their community and their world a better place. It’s not intended for large organizations like many grants; it’s designed for people like you and me who just need a little seed money to start something wonderful. By doing so, Nessel feels more in sync with his desire to impact the world, he says:
I didn’t want to be greedy and focus on creating more wealth through my business. Instead, I wanted to feel more connected to others and be able to sponsor their great work.
At the end of this year, Nessel will have given away $365,000 to 365 individuals. One thousand dollars may not seem like it will make that much of a difference, some people wonder, but according to Nessel, it does:
When I tell people about this idea, the response is ‘Wow, that’s really different and really cool, but what can anyone do for $1,000?’ A lot of people think that amount is insufficient, but once I explain how far $1,000 will go and what can be done with that seed money, people get it and really feel that connection.
Projects that are funded through The Pollination Project include:
– compassion towards all life (people, planet, animals)
– environmental sustainability
– justice in all of its forms
– community health and wellness
– putting consciousness into action
– social change-oriented arts and culture

I can think of many projects I have seen that could use that kind of start up money to get them going.  Most of mine have to do about farming or agricultural innovation but I know of many who could use this man's help.



  1. Um, Ed... You have to research this just a wee bit more. I don't think you or I would get one of those grants.
    Two examples:
    Grantee Carolyn Scott
    Project Name Conversations with Unreasonable Women
    Award Date May 13, 2013
    Brief Project Description Conversations With Unreasonable Women, will profile four women working to save their hometowns, and the world at large, from the savagely destructive environmental practices of immense agri-business, energy, and petrochemical corporations.
    Project Location Santa Rosa CA

    Grantee Trista Hendren
    Project Name Mother Earth Book
    Award Date December 17, 2013
    Brief Project Description This book is a loving tribute to Mother Earth and a call to action for children, their parents and grandparents.
    Project Location Portland, OR

    But if you would come out as a gay, free range egg loving, Monsanto hating, Mother earth worshipping, banjo playing, local and sustainable farmer and blame your past life on George Bush and repressive Christian influences, I'm sure they would give you $1,000 to annoy your neighbors.

  2. Thank you for writing about us. -TPP